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The Old Louisville Recipe Book is a collection of traditional genuine Kentucky and Southern recipes, most over 100 years old.  They would have all  been familiar to the early residents of Old Louisville.


Recipes of Old Louisville and Old Kentucky

Old Louisville is, to be sure, a very modern city within a city, contained in a Victorian shell. But we can never forget our Victorian heritage.  A bit of the Victorian era remains a part of our daily lives, whether we like it or not, and we are never completely out of touch with our past.

Sometimes, of course, we like to relive some of the best of this Victorian past: when we entertain, when we celebrate the holidays, when we just want to return emotionally to the "simpler" times.  We lovingly restore our homes, decorate them with vintage antiques (what better venue?), and beam with pride when our less fortunate suburban friends come to visit and ooh and ahh at our sumptuous surroundings.

When entertaining, sometimes it is fun to include on our tables some of the best traditional dishes that would have been familiar in our city a century ago.  To that end, we have begun to create this "Old Louisville Recipe Book," on-line (sorry, no printed copies are available) to be a source for traditional local regional recipes from Louisville, Kentucky, and the South.

As a seed and the core of this section, we are slowly republishing the "Kentucky Receipt Book" of 1903 by Mary Harris Frazer, with its nearly 2000 authentic Victorian Southern and Kentucky recipes. We received a copy of this book some years back from a direct descendant of Charles Seelbach, one of the founders of Louisville's famous Seelbach Hotel.  This cookbook was one of the often-used references of the Seelbach family.  We invite submissions from our visitors to add any traditional Southern recipe to this "cookbook" on line.  What you see now on the "menu" below is a fraction of what is to come, most posted for Christmas 2000, and the sweets and treats posted for Valentine's Day 2001.  We will add a section at a time as is appropriate to the season.  



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