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While  this section is being assembled, there is plenty to preview below.  Rather than giving you a capsule history (which you can find by clicking here),  we are in the midst of an ambitious project of a comprehensive section to include everything you ever wanted to know about the history of Old Louisville, plus much more you didn't.

Our city directory compilations now have over 64,000 total listings by householder name-address-year order spanning over 50 years from the 1880s to the 1930s.  We hope this will be useful to Old Louisville homeowners trying to dig out the past history of their homes. If your Street, Block or House is not listed at this time, please check back as this section will continue to grow.  

Caron's City Directory Street Listings for Old Louisville 1884-1921, with 1927, 1933 & 1938 in Microsoft Excel 2000 format.  Presently includes 1st (most),  2nd, 3rd, 4th, 6th, Magnolia, Park, Ormsby, St James & Belgravia Courts, some of Brook Street, and is a work in progress.  St. James Court, and certain other small block-areas are problematic & will require further research on the earlier dates to fully match the correct old address with the present houses.  HTML formatted pages are also in planning.

Data Files last updated 19 March 2009

Timelines contain the most data (block by block, year by year):

For an alternate way to look at the data (these are not updated as often, except for the ALL-byName file, so the files above will be more complete):

sorted by householder name:

Follow this link to correlate the addresses to the pictures of the houses as we grow this Block by block pictorial index of buildings in Old Louisville.  Old Louisville Block by Block (this is another work in progress, so patience will be needed until all of Old Louisville is represented)

If you have any information about particular residents on the list that you'd like to share, please email information@oldlouisville.com.
Conventions used should be fairly evident.  Full explanation will follow at some point.  At this time, for clarification, the columns "old" and "new" refer to the address before and after the 1908/1909 address changes.  

Census records include all members of a household as of June 1 of the census year, as well as demographic data.  This file includes some very preliminary data from the 1900 Census, MS Excel 2000 format:
Census1900.zip 82k - a beginning, partial 20th & 44th precincts only at this point, 1125 name listings.  Collecting data from 1880, 1900, 1910 & 1920 for eventual compilation.

We recommend "Winzip" for your .zip utility, shareware at www.winzip.com 

These files will be updated here approximately monthly, and reflect the previous month's work.  They will likely split in the future into separate streets as the size of the individual files becomes unmanageable, and eventually exported into a database format.   


All data here is free for you to use for personal non-commercial, research and limited commercial purposes providing you cite OldLouisville.com. Most of  the data contained is in the public domain, but these directory & census compilations, which include some corrections to the original sources, are 
OldLouisville.com  2002-2006.  

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Cave Hill excerpt taken from Melville O. Briney's  "Fond Recollection." (1954)

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