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OldLouisville.com is an independent web site created and promoted by Old Louisville neighbors and friends who want to spread the news about this Victorian fantasia throughout our city and the rest of the world.  You might call it one of the world's largest personal home pages.  And it is indeed about our home.  Some version of the Old Louisville Guide has been on-line since February 2, 1998, but we've only been OldLouisville.com since June 20, 1998.

This web site focuses on what is now the Old Louisville National Historic District, an area just south of the inner city of Louisville containing America's largest single collection of Victorian homes and buildings.  We reserve the right to include and comment on historic old (no caps) Louisville as we have the time and material.  We are not authorities on Louisville history, though we know quite a bit and at least attempt to answer or guide any inquiries we receive.

The expenses of hosting and promoting OldLouisville.com is borne by its creators and volunteers. The expenses for equipment and software required to host this site, and the hundreds (maybe thousands now) of hours devoted to its research and development is a volunteer effort.   We receive no tax dollars,  and have had no type of fundraising activity whatever.  Editorial content remains uninfluenced by any organizational or governmental pressures.

Technical Information:   The server is a Windows 2000 Advanced Server running at 3,300mhz with 1gb RAM, with internet connection via digital fiber-optic T1, and with FrontPage 2002 server extensions loaded.   All design efforts are made that pages (except where noted otherwise)  should load at 20 seconds or less on a 28.8kbps modem under normal conditions.  To this end we have purposefully avoided some (tempting)  higher tech elements such as animations, music, etc.  Our chief emphasis is information.  

Hit Counters:  We know and respect that hit counters are generally considered to be no-no's by the pros of the internet.  It's just that we're still a little insecure.  You see, even within the city of Louisville, our neighborhood is widely perceived to be a "blighted area" based on the conditions of nearly 30 to 40 years ago. It's awfully hard to convince some of the people in the more fashionable eastern suburbs unless we can actually get them here to see for themselves.  We do not know why the "blighted" and (less kindly) "slums" notion won't go away, but it doesn't.  Old Louisville is nearly 100% restored, as reflected by the recently sky-rocketing property values. Still, we, at OldLouisville.com,  need some tangible sign and encouragement that we're getting the word out.  Therefore, the hit counters and our visitor's statistics page.  

AOL VISITORS:  OldLouisville.com is a highly graphic site, especially in its "pictures" sections.  If the pictures seem fuzzy to you, it may be because of AOL's graphic compression.  You can turn this off by clicking on "MyAOL" on the tool bar, selecting "Preferences" then "WWW"  then the "Web Graphics" tab and un-checking  the box that says "Use Compressed Graphics"  (AOL 4.0)  Pages will take a bit longer to load, but they'll be clearer, and you'll see what everyone who's not on AOL sees.

ALL VISITORS:  HTML, the coding language of the internet, is not a formatting tool.  It is a language that allows information to be exchanged over a wide variety of platforms (i.e. IBM and MAC) with a wide variety of browsers (i.e. Netscape and Microsoft).  Every effort that we know of has been made to allow you to view these pages normally regardless of your software or computer configuration.  If the pages look "funny," please check your resolution (best viewed a 600x800--the internet standard).  Of course the site looks best using the latest versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator.  If you aren't using either of these, especially on a Windows 95, 98, NT, or 2000 system, your whole enjoyment of the internet should be greatly enhanced by acquiring the latest version of your favorite browser.  Both are free, and both install automatically.  Go to http://www.microsoft.com or http://www.netscape.com for more information.  If any of the pages look odd even with a newer browser, please let us know about it so we can work on the problem!  information@oldlouisville.com   Please let us know the page, something about your computer, your browser, etc.

If you know of a web site we've missed that contains information on Old Louisville, if you have information, essays, stories or photos of Old Louisville that we could include in this site,  if you would like your web site to be linked from this site, or if you have suggestions or corrections please email: information@oldlouisville.com

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